Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Tour

As promised, today I'm going to give you guys a little Christmas tour of my home. It's really similar to what I did last year but I still really love it. I decorated everything after Campbell went to bed one night and he was SO excited when he woke up the next morning and saw that our house was all decorated for Christmas. We told him Santa's elves came and decorated it while we were sleeping and he was simply in awe.
I'll start with my favorite part of my decorations--my mantle. I decorate my mantle every year and I love it but this year I extra, extra love it. It's my favorite to date, no question. Not only did we have an extra stocking to hang this year (which I love of course!) but I found this fantastic garland from Target and it just makes it so fun!
I love this pom pom garland so much that I plan on finding a way to incorporate it into the playroom after Christmas is over. I got a few strands for my tree as well so I started with the garland then worked my way around it. I added some battery powered twinkle lights for an extra sparkle then stuck a few ornaments in the empty spaces to make it all come together. I'm enjoying it so much!
Other than adding the garland to my tree, I basically did the same thing to it this year as I did last year. I wanted it to be really fun and colorful because I felt like Campbell would really enjoy it. I did a mixture of glass ornaments and felt ornaments to make it sparkly yet cozy. I also added a few strands of colorful, big bulb lights for fun.
I have a few sprinkles of decorations here and there throughout the house but for the most part, this is it. I didn't do quite as much this year as I have in years past but oh well. I usually decorate my entry and also put up my Department 56 Christmas Village but that just had to sit out this year. I'll do it next year for sure! What we do have is still fun and festive!!
So there's my Christmas tour! Merry and Bright for sure!!

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