Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Anniversary (our 8th!) Getaway

Our anniversary getaway was wonderful! We chose Mexico for two reasons. 1.) you just can't beat an all-inclusive vacation and 2.) the flight is so easy. We left home at 6:15 am and landed in Mexico at noon. Once we arrived and got settled into our villa, we put on our swimsuits and headed to the beach to check everything out!
We basically did the exact same things every single day: wake up, put on swimsuits, grab some breakfast, snag the best loungers by the pool, have lunch, back to the pool, go for a long walk on the beach, back to the pool, get ready for dinner, enjoy a lovey meal, go to bed. It was bliss and the most rested I've felt in years. We never set an alarm and just allowed ourselves to wake up whenever we did which was about 9 am every day....almost 10 total hours of sleep every night. We're tired parents.
We typically always do some sort of excursion when we vacation but this time all we wanted to do was chill and relax. We wanted some peace and quiet. Scott and I both read books and enjoyed zero responsibilities. Well, I did have a bit of reality check four times a day in the form of my Medela Pump. Bennett is still exclusively breastfed so I had to sneak back to the room a couple of times but it wasn't a big deal. I've had a lot of people ask me how I was able to save up enough milk in order to go on a vacation in the first place and also how I traveled back home with it so I'll save that for another post. Yes I brought every ounce home. Scott tried to talk me into not worrying about bringing it back and it made me wonder if he even knows me at all. I'm a milk hoarder in case you weren't aware.
There really isn't a ton to share because we honestly did the same thing every single day....which wasn't much! I even ordered the exact same breakfast every day--waffles with potatoes on the side--because YUM I've never had a more delicious breakfast in my life and I just couldn't not order it every morning. The food was outstanding and I ate way too much but it was totally worth it.
 Overall, a truly amazing 8th anniversary vacation. It felt so good to just be Scott and Kara instead of Mom and Dad for a week. We missed our boys but thankfully the resort had great wifi so we were able to keep in touch really easily. We never go anywhere so we were proud of ourselves for actually taking some time for us. It was much needed and we had a lovely little getaway.

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