Monday, January 30, 2017

Back in the States

Hey all! Wow! Sorry it's been so long. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I was in Mexico all last week. I meant to post the week before letting everyone know, but you know how crazy it gets when you're trying to prepare for a vacation. Turns out, even crazier when you have two littles to get everything at home prepped for as well!
Scott and I booked a last minute trip to Mexico at the beginning of January. We had always discussed going on a little vacation for our anniversary (January 24) but we went back and forth on it. We love a getaway but it's hard for us to leave our kiddos!! Finally we decided to do it and it kind of made it more fun since it was somewhat last minute.
I found our little retreat for the week and I've gotta say, LOVED it. Loved. We used to travel quite a bit pre-kids and other than our Honeymoon, I think this was our favorite resort we've ever visited. We stayed at Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel in Playa Del Carmen and it was fantastic! A cool Miami vibe with the modern, 60's type d├ęcor but without all of the partying. It was a calm, relaxed and quiet environment which is exactly what we were looking for. The resort is small too, another wish on our list. We've done the big resorts with all the restaurants, shops, pools, etc. We wanted something different and this was perfect. The staff was so friendly and welcoming, the food was seriously amazing, and the atmosphere was everything we wanted and more. I can't recommend this place enough.
I'll blog more about our trip as the week goes on. I've got a lot of photos I want to share with you all and don't want to overdo it with just one post! So stay tuned for some tropical pics this week and I'll see you guys back here tomorrow!!

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