Monday, January 9, 2017

Bennett | 8 Months Old

Weight: I'm not sure but I would guess somewhere around 13.5 pounds.

Height: 27 inches maybe? No clue really.
Sleep: Bennett takes 2 naps a day. We're still working on getting both naps to be long naps. One is usually long and the other only an hour. I prefer for his morning nap to be his long one because it just sets the tone for the day to be a lot better and the schedule works out better. If the morning nap is short, he usually requires a quick cat nap in the car around lunch time (if we're out of the house) to get him through until his afternoon nap. Bennett sleeps at night from 7:30-7:00.

Eat: I just dropped a nursing session so Bennett nurses 4 times a day now. He also eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually offer him purees first then give him some finger foods after. Sometimes I don't bother with the purees but he still loves them so I like to give them to him. He's getting much better about textures now (at first he wasn't so sure about real foods) and will eat anything I give him. Although I'm pretty sure he is just not a fan of bananas. He always makes a face. Bennett good at feeding himself and uses that pincher grasp pretty great. He is not a very messy eater at all (praise!) and it doesn't take much food to fill his tiny belly up!
Clothes: Size 3-6 month clothes, 0-6 & 6-12 month beanies, size 1 Freshly Picked Moccs. I just moved him into size 6-12 month Kickee Pants but the footies are SO long on him! The 3-6 month footies were cramping up his little toes though so we were forced to move up!

Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers, day and night.

Likes: Food, baths, Campbell, sitting in your lap, touch and feel books, his paci, getting out and about/running errands with Mommy, smiling.

Dislikes: Clothes going over his head. This kid still cries his eyes out every time you put a shirt over his head. Every. Time. They aren't even tight or hard to get over. I don't get it.
Milestones: Bennett finally mastered sitting up this month! One day he decided to just do it and once he did that was it. No spills or toppling over. Took his time with that one. He blows raspberries all. day. long. and says "aaahh" a lot and will imitate me if I do both of those sounds. He reaches for you now, grabs your face with his hands, and gives a big, open mouth kiss. Melt me. He bangs on toys and can put his paci in his mouth like a pro.

Month Eight: Bennett was a little more difficult this month than he ever has been. He has been trying to cut some teeth for over a month now. I have never seen it take so long for teeth to cut through. It's made him a little fussy but even Bennett's version of fussy is hardly anything to complain about. Instead of being perfect, he's just been good. Ha! Overall, still the best baby. He isn't feeling the need to be held all day long anymore so that's nice. Now that he's sitting up, he likes to just chill and play with toys. He seemed to grow up a lot to me this month.
All About Bennett: Sweet Bennett. He's such an angel. I soak up every day with him and can't believe he's 8 months old. He will be one before I know it and it almost makes me sad. I can't wait to watch him grow but he has been such a wonderful baby that it's going to be hard for me to watch this stage end. He still flaps his wings but not as often now that blowing raspberries is his new thing. He gets SO tickled when we sing "Benny and the Jets" to him except we change the words to "Bennett and the Jets." He thinks it's hilarious. Whenever he wakes up from his sleep or naps, he pops that paci in his mouth and chills for a long time before letting me know he's ready to get out. He loves his crib! His crib is full of paci's and Bennett is rarely without one in his mouth. He now sleeps with a lovie that he got for Christmas and always naps with a blanket. We love our precious baby boy so much.

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