Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meal Planning

The kids went back to Mothers Day Out yesterday. Their first day back from the holiday break. I actually really enjoyed our lazy mornings where we weren't rushing to get out of the door over the break. But I did super enjoy getting some "me" time back. I almost forgot what it felt like! Scott and I had a lunch date then I went to the mall and Target to grab a few things. Campbell was so excited to be back. He literally speed walked into his classroom without even caring or noticing that he was leaving me behind. He clearly missed being there! Bennett gave his teachers hugs when he saw them so he was excited to be back too. An all around good day back for everyone.
Doing my weekly meal planning (my new years resolution) really makes me feel like I've got it together! Haha! It has taken so much stress off of my day to day life. I do spend quite a bit of time on Sunday night searching for recipes, writing down my shopping list, etc. But it's been really great! I'm trying a lot of new yummy foods instead of cooking the same 10 things over and over and my whole family seems to be enjoying them. I'm doing a lot of slow cooker meals because dinner time is seriously the hardest time of day when you have kids and it's so hard to cook a meal on top of that. If I don't do slow cooker meals, I'm doing a lot of sheet pan meals. The ones where you put everything on one sheet pan and throw it all in the oven. I've also found a lot of recipes that I can prep and do a lot of it the night before so when the time comes I can just stick it in the oven to cook. Last night I made a breakfast casserole so all I had to do this morning was throw it in the oven. Everyone loved it. Well, almost everyone. I was really making it for Campbell because it's one of his favorites and wouldn't you know, he didn't even eat one bite this morning. He kept saying "no thanks mom" and shoving the plate back into my hands. No problem buddy glad I slaved over this last night. Even made a 9:00 trip to Walmart to get some milk for it since ours had gone bad quicker than the date said it was supposed to. No big deal. Toddlers....


  1. Oh my...little stinker!! 😂 I made a fajita recipe in the oven once and it was so good!! I need to find that again! Glad meal planning is working out for you. It really does make things easier. I cook many things for my slow cooker the day before so I can just place my cooker in the holder the next day and turn it on...my most favorite appliance! 👍👍

    1. It is the best appliance!! I'm making your BBQ chicken for dinner tomorrow! Yum!!

  2. Awesome!!! Such a yummy hearty meal. I paired with a coleslaw type salad kit and some fresh fruit. Such a hit.