Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bennett | Nine Months Old

Weight: Bennett had his 9 month wellness check so he got weighed today and he weighs 14lbs, 10oz. We fell off the charts! Such a bummer. Last week he got on the charts for the first time ever but for some reason he lost a few ounces so he's off them again.

Height: 26.8 inches, 4%
Sleep: Bennett still sleeps 7:30-7:00 and takes two naps a day. One right at 9:00 and the other at 2:00/2:30. Both naps last anywhere between 1-2 hours. When Bennett wakes up now, he doesn't cry. Finally. It's so nice! He will just lay there quietly and contently until someone comes to get him. I have to set my alarm in the morning because if I don't, who knows how long he would lay there!
Eat: Bennett is still exclusively breastfed. He nurses 4 times a day (absolutely 100% refuses a bottle/sippy/or straw cup these days) and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I give him a snack if his afternoon nap is a short one. Bennett is definitely not the garbage disposal that his big brother was and he won't eat just anything and everything either. He is a pretty good eater though and has his pincher grasp down perfectly (I'm impressed by it!). Bennett loves pancakes. I think they're his favorite!

Clothes: Size 3-6 month or 6-9 month clothes, 6-12 month Kickee Pants and beanies, and size 1 Freshly Picked Moccs.
Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers day and night.

Likes: Campbell, playing with toys, bath time, snuggles, selfies, getting out and about, his paci (addicted), giving hugs.

Dislikes: Bennett still bawls his eyes out every time an article of clothing goes over his head. I mean, I don't even know what to do about it anymore. He has been like this since day one and has not let up on it, not even once. Little stinker.
Milestones: Bennett has an awesome pincher grasp which makes him a really clean eater. He shakes and bangs toys and imitates Campbell whenever they play their yelling game. He says Da Da and kind of waves bye bye by holding his hand out (like he wants a high five). Bennett can stand on his own if he's propped/holding onto something but it's still a little wobbly. He's good at figuring out how certain toys "work" and plays well with them.
Month Nine: Even though he battled a pretty big cold this month, Bennett was still just as sweet as ever. Bennett pulls the tabs of his diapers now which is making diaper changes just a little more challenging! He also still takes a bath in his infant bath tub! Can you believe it? He's content so I'm letting that ride out as long as possible because it feels the safest to this nervous mama.
All About Bennett: Bennett has zero stranger anxiety and loves everyone. When we're out in public and a stranger will stop to say something to him, he reaches his arms out like "do you want to hold me? I'd like for you to hold me!" He has never, ever had a fear of strangers and I love that about him. Bennett loves Campbell so, so much. Campbell is starting to play with Bennett a little more these days now that Bennett is getting older and it is the most precious thing my eyes could ever witness. Bennett thinks Campbell is hilarious. Bennett squeals all the time and is still just a happy, easy going little man. We couldn't love him more if we tried!


  1. Nine months already?! He's growing so fast and he's just a little peanut. My son was 12 pounds at six weeks! LOL. I have to say though I think they have massively changed diaper sizing over the years. My daughter was just a tiny little thing but she never went higher than a size three diaper before getting potty trained at 2.5 years old. She was in size two the longest and probably only in a size three for about three months. 😳 Have a great weekend.

    1. That's so interesting!! Campbell made it all the way to size 5 before he got potty trained at 2.5.