Monday, February 13, 2017

Unloading Some Photos!

Hey all! How was your weekend? We were sick. Again. I used to never get sick but now that I have kids I get sick all the time. It's beyond annoying. I mean, I'm 31 shouldn't my immune system be fairly solid by now? It's like I'm starting all over again. And of course, Scott didn't get sick because he never does. What's his secret? I'm so jealous.
Anywho, I have tons of photos that I want on here so bare with me!! I'll quickly caption instead of dragging it out into a way too long post.
Scott and I decided to have a Valentines Day date today. We've gotten to where we do lunch dates quite a bit whenever the boys are at MDO. It's kind of our only opportunity to get some time out together and I really enjoy my lunch dates with him!
Campbell has been taking naps almost every day this last week. He is on his way to dropping them completely but I do love when he still takes them. I would like for him to keep it through the summer but that's quite a few months away so I doubt that will happen. I had to get a pic one day last week since it was such a surprise to see him actually nap!
Bennett tickles me because he loves a selfie. Any time I get my phone to take a picture, he smiles so big once he seems himself! Cutie.
Campbell makes me laugh too. Whenever we go to Mothers Day Out, the boys have to wear these stickers on their back. The last few times he's gone, he's insisted on putting his sticker on himself. Bottom, back....same thing!
Bennett looked so sweet napping. He was sleeping so hard and I hated to wake him but we had to go to church and I gave him as long as I could. He's so sweet when I have to wake him up. Campbell would cry (understandably so!) if I ever woke him from a nap but Bennett is just like "oh do I need to get up? Okay no problem."
They love to play together. It's getting more and more fun!
I've said before that Campbell LOVES Paw Patrol. He loves these little stuffed Paw Patrol characters his Gamma got him. He calls them "My Paws." Also, this is what I get a lot now when I try to take a picture of him "STOP MOM!!!"
The beautiful weather this weekend was short lived by us since we were all sick with the 24 hour stomach bug. It hit me and Bennett at the same time then Campbell got it the next day. Campbell actually fell asleep in mine and Scott's bed on Saturday around 11:00 which has never, ever happened. He clearly didn't feel good since 1.) it was nowhere near his normal nap time and 2.) he fell asleep in a bed that wasn't his own. I laid in bed literally all day long on Friday. I was so, so sick. Poor Bennett threw up for the first time and it made me cry. I remember bawling my eyes out the first time Campbell threw up too. It just really stresses me for some reason. I'm so over sickness.
Campbell is turning into my little helper. He can fetch things for me now and help me with little tasks. It's so awesome and truly does help me out! I looked over the other day to see him offering Bennett a little sip of water. He's such a sweet brother! He "helps" me put Bennett down for his naps and when I put Bennett in his crib he always whispers "here you go, Boo!" and throws a few lovies in his crib. I love how sweet he is to Bennett. I hope he always is!
I adore this picture of Bennett. I want to reach through the photo, give him a big squeeze and kiss him all over. I'll eat you up I love you so!


  1. Such cute photos!! Sorry to hear about the sickies. Have you ever considered diffusing essential oils for immunity support? Thieves is my favorite. 😊

    1. You know, I actually think I may start doing this. I know people swear by it and if it would help keep the yuck away then I'm all about it!!