Thursday, February 16, 2017

LimeLight Mascara

I was recently asked if I would like to give LimeLight Mascara a try and I quickly said yes! I've never found a mascara that I just love--even though I've tried dozens--so I was looking forward to using it. This mascara is a best seller for LimeLight. It achieves noticeably longer lashes instantly that don't smudge or flake. I could tell it was going to be good the second I saw the brush head. That may sound silly but it's true! The brush head evenly coats and separates each lash for a perfect application. It wasn't messy while I was putting it on and I didn't have to spend a long time trying to get my lashes to separate--a pet peeve of mine with mascara. As soon as I was done applying the mascara to my lashes, I couldn't believe my eyes...literally.
Look at how long my eyelashes are!! These are 100% my real eyelashes. I don't use anything to try to lengthen or thicken them, they are all natural. This LimeLight mascara is amazing! Not only do my top lashes nearly touch my eyebrows, but my bottom lashes look long and thick as well. I felt like I had the appearance of false lashes and just couldn't get over how pretty they looked.
This is hands down the best mascara I have ever used. I will seriously never use anything else from now on. I'm not selling it, just sharing how great it is with all of you. No sense in keeping this a secret! Click HERE if you would like to purchase this LimeLight by Alcone mascara. You'll be so glad you did!!


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