Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring in February

We had such a wonderful spring-like weekend!! The weather in Arkansas is amazing! Can we just start wearing flip flops even though it's February? And how long is this supposed to last? Is it warm from now on or will it snow in two weeks? You never know...
We spent the majority of our weekend outside. We grilled, listened to music, drank iced tea (although we do that even if it's -8 outside but it felt worthy of mentioning), played with bubbles, went for long walks, kicked the soccer ball around and just enjoyed our outdoor surroundings. It makes me soooo excited for summer.
On Sunday we played in our driveway most of the day so Campbell could play with his scooters and cars. The girls were going nuts inside and barking like crazy because they wanted to join us outside so badly. But they cannot be trusted to just hang....they would sprint all over the neighborhood. So I opened up my tailgate and let them watch us from the car. I thought it was a pretty smart move and they seemed satisfied enough.
Bennett had a big day worthy of documenting. He got to ride in the cart for the first time! He is officially over being in the car seat while I shop. It's kind of a bummer honestly. I was holding onto it as long as possible. It's just nice to pop that carrier in and out. He gave me a pretty good run--9 months isn't bad--but he said no more. Campbell is THRILLED. He hates riding in the front seat and always wants in the basket so this is good news for him. I had to take a pic while we were at the Neighborhood Market. * Side note, one bonus of living in Bentonville (aka Walmart country) is we have the nicest Walmart stores. See those baskets behind Campbell? They offer bananas and oranges to the kiddos while you shop. Do other stores do that or just ours? Either way, so nice! Campbell loves to eat his "nana."
Speaking of Campbell, can I just talk about how much I love his age? Because I do. This has been my favorite stage with him hands down. He is so SWEET and such a pleaser which makes my job being his mama not too terribly challenging. He cracks me and Scott up all day with the funny things he says and does. I just want to eat him up!!! He will be three years old next month. I can't believe it! I pulled my phone out to take this picture of him and he cocked his head to the side and said "smile, cheese!" He is constantly making me smile and giggle. I love this sweet kiddo.


  1. Our stores here in Michigan do not do that with the free fruit. That last photo of Campbell is adorable. He looks a lot like his Dad.

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