Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pirate Talk

I had a good day because it started out with a good run. If I don't get my run in (preferably in the morning) I am usually tense all day. I need that run for my mind and it's even better if I get to do it alone and not take the boys (no offense to them)! I've always created my own playlists to run to but I told Scott a few days ago I was getting tired of them and as I was attempting to make a new one he encouraged me to just run to Pandora. I don't know why this thought never occurred to me myself but it was genius. I have enjoyed my new running tunes so much. Justin Timberlake is my station of choice.
Campbell is super, super into puzzles right now. It's all he wants to do these days. I love these Melissa and Doug ones because they come with a tray so we can work them on the carpet and don't have to worry about having a hard surface. Anywho, he was doing this pirate one today and every time he got a piece right he said "arrr!" like a pirate. It cracked me up. (I had to google if it was "arrr" or "argh." I got conflicting responses. I went with arrr.)
Bennett had zucchini bread for the first time today and he thought it was YUM-O. He asked for two extra helpings. He followed it up with blueberries. Always blueberries. It is hands down his favorite food. I bet I go through a carton every other day. He can't get enough!

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