Monday, March 13, 2017

A Window With A View

This is a little random but I wanted to start today's post off with this.
It's not a very good photo but this is one of my favorite views from my house. This is what Campbell gets to see out of his bedroom window. It's especially beautiful in the fall. The tree in our yard is a deep red and the trees across the street, between the evergreens, are a gorgeous yellow. When Campbell was a baby, this was what I would see while I was sitting in his glider and it was just so pleasant. I know that's random but I just really appreciate this pretty view. We got this light dusting of snow on Saturday and Campbell could not have been more excited about it.
Before it started snowing, we took the boys to The Amazeum. It's an amazing interactive museum for children here in our town and Campbell has always loved going. This was Bennett's first time to appreciate going and it was so cute because he had the absolute best time! It was really fun to watch.
Not to sound like a broken record, but Bennett got hit with the stomach bug....for the 6th time in 7 weeks. He woke up yesterday looking pretty yuck and by the afternoon he was throwing up. This was him in his bath last night. He looked so pitiful. I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrating this is. I have never heard of anyone getting the rotavirus this many times in this short amount of time. I have gotten sick right along with Bennett every time but I didn't this time. Scott and I have brainstormed where it could be coming from. We've considered anything and everything including a possible underlying issue which would seem plausible except for the fact that I'm getting sick too and at the exact same time. Because of this we also don't think it's food related or some type of allergic reaction to something. Campbell is at all of the same places that Bennett and I are at and he doesn't get sick. It's very strange. I have googled, wracked my brain, and disinfected my house so much that lysol is smoking out of our chimney. I think if it happens again I will lose my mind. I've already lost about 65% of it so I'm just barley hanging on. This sickness over these last few weeks has stressed me out so much that it's given me anxiety. I get a shortness of breath and a heavy feeling on my chest and it will just come out of nowhere. When I told Scott about it a few weeks ago, he asked me what I thought was causing my stress and I told him that it's Bennett getting sick so much. Not only do I feel horrible for him and worry about his well being, but it's extremely stressful and honestly, really hard and challenging to take care of a sick, fussy baby. I'm so tired of it! I'm keeping Bennett home with me all this week and next week is Spring Break so we'll be home all next week too. I'm hoping that after these two weeks and some warmer temps, we'll knock out whatever we have going on here for good. Thankfully Bennett is already feeling better but we're going to the doctor tomorrow just to check in and make sure everything is okay. I go to our pediatricians office so often now that I seriously get embarrassed when I walk in the door. They don't even ask for our names anymore, it's just like "oh there's Bennett again." Sigh.....

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