Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bennett | Ten Months Old

Weight: I'm honestly not sure on weight. Bennett got sick and lost over one pound. Last we checked he had gained half of it back. We're going in on Tuesday to check again. I would guess by looking at him that he's gained all of his weight back which would put him right at 15 pounds. Scott thinks he's gained it all back + some. I hope he's right!

Height: 27(ish) inches.

Sleep: Bennett sleeps from 7:30-7:00. He takes two naps a day and they last around 1.5-2 hours each. He wears a sleep sack at night but uses a blanket for naps. Bennett loves laying in his crib and he usually has about 5 paci's + his bear in there with him at all times.
Eat: Bennett is still exclusively breastfed. I nurse him 4 times a day and give him one, 5oz bottle a day. I'm so glad he has decided to take a bottle again and I'm quickly blowing through my freezer stash of milk! I think I'll have enough to last him exactly one more month before I run out. Bennett also eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner and he basically eats everything we eat. He's a good little eater!

Clothes: Size 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes, size 6-12 month Kickee Pants pajamas, size 1 Freshly Picked shoes. I just bought him some Sun Sans Saltwater Sandals and had to get him a size 0!
Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers

Likes: Campbell, Mickey Mouse, laying in his crib, his paci, eating, smiling, bath time, being held, touch and feel books, playing with his train (his favorite toy!), "talking."

Dislikes: Still can't stand for clothes to go over his head.
Milestones: Bennett's verbal skills continue to blossom. He will wave bye bye and just recently started puckering his lips to blow a kiss! Since he was sick basically this entire month, I feel like it's put him a little behind on some milestones but I'm sure he'll quickly catch up.

Month Ten: This was a hard month on Bennett. He was so sick, lost a lot of weight, and felt pretty crummy for nearly 5 weeks straight. He was pretty fussy and required being held quite a bit. You could just look at him and tell he didn't feel very good most days and his appetite greatly decreased. However, for the past 10 days he has felt so much better and we feel like we've gotten our sweet and easy baby back. Bennett is back to eating normally again, will happily sit on the floor and play, smiles all the time, giggles, talks, and is overall just our happy baby boy again. We missed him!
All About Bennett: Bennett rides in the shopping cart like a big boy now and smiles really big any time you show him a Mickey Mouse toy. Bennett loves Campbell and reaches to pet the girls any time they get close enough to him. Bennett LOVES to be held. He also loves his Mothers Day Out and Sunday School teachers and he will never turn down a Gerber Crunchie no matter how full his little tummy is.

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