Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Campbell & Bennett's Closet

I get asked quite a bit where I shop for my boys so I thought I'd do a post and share where I get their clothes. I love dressing them in cute clothes and it honestly makes me happy and brings me a lot of joy, truly. A lot of people are under the false impression that boy clothes aren't as cute as girl clothes and my response to that is "you must not know where to shop!" Here's a roundup of my favorite places.
Mini Boden
Boden is probably my favorite. I adore their clothes. I love shirts with appliques and Boden has such cute ones. This is my favorite place to get clothes for Campbell currently. He's in that inbetween stage where he's not a baby but not quite a big boy either. My philosophy is let them be little!!! Campbell has his whole life to wear his "man uniform" (aka a button down or polo with shorts or pants) so I want to dress him in stuff that he can't wear forever. I feel like Boden meets that inbetween stage we're currently in perfectly.
Gap Kids
I do shop at Gap quite a bit. I love the soft rompers that baby Gap carries and they always have a really cute selection. Rompers/One Pieces are my favorite thing to dress my boys in while they're little and I get the majority of them from Gap. Gap also has the best beanies and I love putting my boys in them. Girls get bows and headbands, boys get beanies!
Lily Pads/Toggery/Southern Style
I'm not sure if anyone loves that classic, southern look more than me! I know it's not for everyone but I think smocking and Jon Jon's is just about the cutest thing you can put a baby in. It's such a timeless look. One of my favorite websites to order these kind of clothes from is Lily Pads Boutique. They carry a lot of the same brands as The Toggery (Little Rock) and Southern Style (Bentonville). If you can't get to a local boutique who carries this style of clothes, Lily Pads is great.
Smocked Threads by Cecil and Lou
I also like to get a lot of my smocked, monogrammed and applique clothes from Cecil and Lou on Instagram. They also have the cutest swim suits.
Smocked Auctions
Smocked Auctions is another great shop on Instagram. I think Smocked Auctions always has the cutest Christmas pajamas. If you're looking for a monogrammed seersucker outfit, this is your place!
Shades Kids
I love, love Shades Kids. I discovered Shades Kids on Instagram when Campbell had just turned one. They make the cutest personalized baby products. I've not only gotten super cute bubbles, jon jon's and shirts from them but the boys backpacks that they take to Mothers Day Out are also from Shades. I've watched Shades Kids grow so much on Instagram over the last few years. I don't even remember how I discovered them but they only had around 1k followers at the time and now they have over 11k. A lot of people think their boy clothes are cuter than their girl clothes but I think everything they make is just adorable! It's one of my favorite places to shop for sure.
Zara Kids
I also really like Zara. It's definitely more of a hipster vibe but I really like that look too. They have great shirts and leggings. A lot of Campbell's pants this fall/winter were from Zara because they fit him well. Small waist, long length. They have a little section on their website called "shop by look" and I click on that and copy the way they style their clothes all the time. Sometimes they pair things I never would have thought to pair and it looks so cute!

That's pretty much everywhere I shop for Campbell and Bennett. I think it's so fun to dress my boys--way more fun than it is to dress myself! What about you? Where do you like to shop for your kids? Share in the comments!! I might be missing out on something great and I definitely need to know about it.

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