Monday, March 6, 2017

Who Wears Short Shorts....

The boys went to Mothers Day Out today so I got a few hours to myself and I really needed it. Sometimes it's give or take but today I was in need. I didn't do much but I did go to Old Navy and I found some jean shorts that weren't made just for 15 year olds so that was pretty exciting. Does anyone else struggle to find shorts? I feel like they're either so dang short that you can see your bikini line or the other option is Bermuda. What the heck? Anywho, I found some that were the perfect length today so if you're on the hunt, go to Old Navy. I also got a lot of plain ol' t-shirts in different styles and solid colors because that's my uniform and the entire store was 30% off so obviously I went for it.
Campbell took his Chase and Marshall (Paw Patrol) pups to school with him today. It's becoming comical how attached he is to his little "Paws." I got tickled because when he walked into the building holding Chase and Marshall, all of the teachers in the hallway and in the classrooms commented to Campbell about his Paw Patrols. I thought it was cute that they were all very much up to speed in the Paw Patrol world. I guess if you're surrounded by 2 and 3 year olds all the time it's impossible not to be.
That's all I've got for today. See you guys back here tomorrow!!

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