Friday, March 3, 2017

Sick Free Friday

Well we woke up today and neither Bennett or myself were sick. Woo Hoo! Drop the confetti. We celebrated by getting a super greasy cheeseburger and followed it up with a Nothin Bundt Cake because it's Friday and calories don't count.
After lunch and dessert, we went to Target and I put both boys in the jumbo shopping cart. I felt so silly and it made me giggle. Gotta admit though, having that basket with no kids in it sure was nice! I'm sure this will be our new thing. Sometimes you just gotta embrace the mom-ness and roll with it.
I am so tired today because I didn't go to bed until midnight and I woke up at 5:30. Sometimes Bennett wakes up in the middle of the night and talks to himself for about 45 seconds before falling back to asleep. Just long enough for me to wake up, look at the monitor and giggle in my head at hearing "ada"and "ra ra ra." Sometimes I can quickly fall back to sleep and sometimes I can't. On Friday nights Scott and I usually rent a movie but it looks like I'm going to go to bed just as soon as I get the boys tucked in.
I'll leave you with this. Campbell's "Paw House." He is so obsessed with his little Paw Patrols and today he made them a dog house. Tonight before bed he lined them all up and read them 4 books. One of them was a touch and feel book and he grabbed each of their front paws and had them feel. Haha!! He's cute.
Until next week!!

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