Sunday, March 26, 2017

Campbell | Three Years Old

Campbell is three years old today!!!
Weight: 30.4 Pounds
Height: 3 Feet exactly
Sleep: Campbell is in an inbetween stage where he doesn't really need a nap but occasionally he does. I offer him quiet time and sometimes he goes to sleep. If he doesn't go to sleep, he goes to bed at 7:30 but if he does take a nap he stays up until 8:00/8:15. He wakes up between 7:00-7:30 every morning. He sleeps in his big boy bed and never, ever gets out until we come and get him. He sleeps with his dog, bear and blanket and if they aren't in his bed, he makes sure they are before he falls asleep!
Eat: Meh. Not the best eater but not horrible either. His current favorite fruit is cantaloupe. He loves rice and we pretty much eat it as a side at dinner every single night. I make him a PB&J for school almost every time he goes. He has a smoothie for breakfast every morning. He wakes up asking for his "smooth" and it's made of Chobani Yogurt with a banana and a few strawberries. He loves it. Sometimes he requests cinnamon rolls for breakfast also. Campbell's favorite veggies are peas and carrots. He loves cheese but only if it's shredded. His favorite thing in the whole wide world is any and all snacks!!
Clothes: Size 2T clothes, 3T Kickee Pants pj's (almost...going to move him into them any day now) Size 7 shoes.
Likes: PAW PATROL!! Puzzles, trains, dinosaurs, stacking blocks, TV (his favs: Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Mickey, Sheriff Callie, Little Einsteins) playing with his tools and fixing things that "break," reading books, playing outside, his brother and sisters, snuggling, helping with tasks.
Three Years Old: What a delight this year has been! Campbell is a pleaser so his toddler years haven't given us much trouble at all. He attends Mothers Day Out twice a week and absolutely loves going. He learned to sleep in a big boy bed and got potty trained all around the same time (about 8/9 months ago) and picked them both up instantly. Only a mom could appreciate this but he recently started going potty all on his own which is super exciting. He got pretty sick once this year with a little 24 hour bug in January but otherwise has remained really healthy. He still sucks his fingers and I have no idea how we're going to stop that....nor do I even care right now. Campbell became a big brother this year and he is the best big brother! He adjusted better than I ever could have imagined. He LOVES his baby brother and has since day one. Campbell is so, so sweet to Bennett and Bennett thinks Campbell hung the moon. Campbell grew up SO much this year. He went from still being a baby to seeming like such a big boy. I love his age right now. He makes us laugh daily and is so much fun.
All About Campbell: Campbell is so sweet. I know I say that all the time but that's because he is. It's mine and Scott's favorite characteristic about him. Campbell loves to read us books and does a great job because he has his favorites memorized page by page!! It's so cute and funny and he mimics exactly how I have always read them to him. He pronounces his name "Tampbell" and calls Bennett "Boo." He always has and came up with that all on his own. He knows his name is Bennett but will never, ever say Bennett--it's always Boo. Campbell loves to give out hugs. He is currently extremely obsessed with his Pops (my Dad) and talks about him allllllll the time. Campbell loves playing with his friends. He loves to spin in circles and get dizzy. Ha!! Campbell has a zest for life and loves to have fun--and you can always, always tell when he is having fun!! He calls me "Mommy" and Scott "Dad."

This sweet precious boy has blessed my life more than I could ever express. I adore being Campbell's mommy. I feel so lucky that I get to spend day in and day out with this amazing kiddo and watching him grow has been the best part of my life. He makes me so proud and brings me so much joy. Happy 3rd Birthday Campbell!! We love you more than you will ever know!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Campbell! You are such a cute, sweet and smart little boy!

  2. Awww, happy birthday to Campbell! He's just a few weeks younger than my niece Lilly; I agree that it's SUCH a fun/funny age :)

  3. Happy Birthday Campbell....a little late but it makes it last longer! His party looked like a blast. 🎈🎉🎂😊