Monday, March 27, 2017

Campbell's Third Birthday

We had a wonderful day celebrating Campbell's birthday yesterday!! We started the day with sprinkled covered donuts then opened gifts from family. While Campbell spent the rest of his day playing with all of his fun new stuff, Scott and I got everything ready for Campbell's birthday party. I was so excited about Campbell's party this year. I rented a train. A real one. And we got to have his party on the train!! Campbell LOVES choo choo's and when I had the idea to rent out a train for his birthday, I had no idea if I would be able to pull it off. Thankfully the Arkansas Missouri Railroad allows private parties so we were able to make our train loving toddlers dreams come true by having his birthday on a train!
So many of Campbell's little friends were able to come to his party which made it so much fun. Apparently Campbell wasn't the only toddler excited about riding a choo choo. All of the parents told me their kiddos were sooooo excited about the train. We were able to board the cabin and take an hour long train ride, then once we came back to the station we continued the party with cake, squeals and lots of smiles.
Campbell had the absolute BEST time at his party. He completely got it this year and knew it was his special day and that everyone was there for him. I wish I had filmed him when everyone was singing 'happy birthday' to him. He had the sweetest look on his face. Part bashful, part loving the attention.
The party was at 4:00 so we just offered some light snacks, tea and lemonade. We got juice for the kids and Campbell loved playing host and passing out the juice to all of his friends. He loves being a helper and apparently enjoys throwing a party too! When people were first stepping onto the train, Campbell would say to them "all aboard!!" and it made us giggle, especially since we didn't coach him to say that at all.

I hope Campbell will always remember this day. He hasn't stopped talking about his "train party" all day today and has enjoyed reliving it over and over. I'm so glad we were able to do something really fun and special for his big day!!
Overall, we had the absolute best day celebrating our sweet Campbell. Scott and I were so excited about the party and, as always, I hoped everything would run smoothly and it did! All of the kids had such a fun time riding the train and Campbell was so happy the entire day but especially at his party!
Such a fun day that I'll remember forever. So many happy memories. I'm beyond thankful for these past three years with our sweet, train loving Campbell!

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