Friday, March 17, 2017

Madison and Ivy | Five Years Old

Ivy and Madison are five years old today!!! We just can't imagine a world without "the girls" and we are so thankful for their sweet little lives.
Madison and Ivy love bones, especially Ivy. Madison is obsessed with toys. I hope she never gets too old for her toys. Her mini tennis balls are her absolute favorite but she also loves her Christmas tree toy. It drives us nuts because she's constantly asking us to throw her toys so she can fetch them but deep down inside, I'd be sad if I didn't have her bugging me about that all day! Ivy is 100% the boss and Madison is scared of her a lot of time. Haha!! However, these two are soul mates and wouldn't know what to do without each other. I love watching their sweet bond and I'm so glad they've always had one another.
Madison and Ivy love to lounge in their pretty bed, especially in the winter when the fire is on because we keep their bed right in front of the fireplace. However, their favorite thing to do more than anything is to run around in our backyard. They love walks but they bark and go crazy any time they see another dog and it embarrasses us so bad! Their best friend is Grace and they get SOOO excited to see her or even if you just say her name. Madison sleeps on my pillow and Ivy sleeps in my curve. They love their brothers and Ivy especially has a really special bond with Campbell. Madison appreciates Campbell's willingness to play tug-of-war with her toys. Ivy insists on going bye bye every time I take the boys to Mothers Day Out. She never wants to go bye bye any other time but somehow on those two days she knows where we are going and refuses to be left behind. Madison usually goes too but she doesn't get nearly as excited about it as Ivy. At the end of the day, they're thankful to lounge on the sofa and enjoy the peace and quite with mom and dad, just like old times.
Happy Birthday Girls! We love you!!

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