Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Music Program

Campbell's Mothers Day Out/School does a music program every spring. I've been looking forward to it because last year was so darn cute! He and his classmates performed two songs this year and it was just as adorable as last year!
When he first got on the stage Scott and I could tell his little eyes were searching hard to find us. I was right in the front filming him but I guess he didn't think to look right in front of him, he was looking out and into the audience. The music began and he starting singing and doing his little moves and about 30 seconds in he finally spotted me. He starred for a while to make sure that was me then gave a little wave and softly said "hey mommy!" It was so sweet!!!!!! After he performed his two songs, he looked at me and said "I did it Mom!" Hehe! I have it all on film and I'm so glad. Moments like this make me so happy and joyful. Being a Mom is the best thing in the world! I love this sweet kiddo and I'm so thankful for his amazing MDO program that puts on things like this. So much fun!

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