Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Is there anybody out there who isn't enjoying all of the extra daylight? I looooove it. We have a great little routine in the spring/summer where we go outside after dinner (if we aren't already outside grilling) and play at the park, go for a walk, have fun with toys in the driveway and chat with neighbors. It's just SO much better than staying cooped up inside and after feeling like we've been hibernating all winter, it is a very welcomed new routine.
While Campbell was playing with the little boy who lives next door to us, I decided to snap some pictures of my littlest angel as the sun was setting.
I don't shoot sunset backlight often. It's hard to do it in the winter because it gets dark so early. I love the look of that warm light though and I think these photos turned out so sweet. I'll have to try to take more like it this summer. 
Bennett is feeling much better now. He has a pretty terrible sounding cough + congestion but I'm pretty positive it's just allergy related. He's in bed now with his Vicks plug-in's going. Do y'all use the Vicks plug-ins? I swear by them. I discovered them when Bennett was just a few months old after he got croup and I was trying to find things that would help him. We've always done Vicks on the feet but I know the smell of Vicks is what helps most so the Vicks plug-in's work great. I swear it seems like they've basically been on constant rotation since Bennett was an itty bitty baby and they really do wonders. Whenever Bennett is grown, the smell of Vicks will always remind me of him as a baby!! It's kind of sad but totally true. It will forever be my memory smell of baby Bennett.
This week is running away from me. I keep looking at Campbell thinking "he only has a few more days to be two." It's crazy to think he was in my belly just 3 years ago and now he's this little boy that I have conversations with. Exactly 3 years ago today I was 37 weeks pregnant with Campbell and if anyone cares to take a walk down memory lane, you can click HERE to read my 37 week bumpdate!

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