Thursday, April 6, 2017

April Showers....

This week has been busy and gone by fast! I wish I could say it's been beautiful spring weather here but it has been so cold, rainy and windy. Early last week I put all of the boys winter clothes up, organized it all and got all of the new spring stuff out and hung in their closets. It had been so nice so I just assumed the beautiful weather was here for good. I should have known better!!
I took the girls to the vet today to get their kennel cough vaccination. While we were there, the vet pointed out that Madison has 3-4 loose teeth that need to be pulled. It made me sad but I guess it's pretty common in small dogs. I need to make an appointment to get both of the girls teeth cleaned (and I guess some of Madison's pulled) but I dread doing it since they'll have to be put under to have it done. Does that scare anyone else? I just get worried about something happening to my precious girls!! I'll try to not put off making the appointment but I can be so bad about scheduling stuff like that.
I wish I had more to say but all I can think about is all of the stuff around my house that needs to get done. Plus, Campbell is tired of me blogging and just dumped out three separate puzzles all over the floor. I think he knows my OCD can't handle that and I'll hop off the computer to get them sorted out and in the right box. Sneaky little thing. Until tomorrow!!


  1. Ugh, the dreaded doggie just had one last October and she had seven teeth pulled. It was a drag but I scheduled nothing that evening so I could just cuddle her. Good luck!

    1. I dread doing it but I know it's best for her. The vet said she isn't in pain but her tooth are probably irritating her. Poor baby. 😢

  2. Oh and it's snowing in Michigan tonight after raining all day and now we have high winds. Sucks. I'm ready for spring darn it!