Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Fellowship

Happy Friday everyone!! It's been a crazy week (and an already crazy Friday!!!!) so I'm ready for the weekend. I have so many errands to run today and the boys are tagging along with me so you know how that goes. It's going to take me a solid 18 hours longer than it would if I were alone and they will eat a lot of snacks today to remain content and happy. Should be fun!
I was planning on blogging this look today but I'm just going to give you a sneak peek today and save it for next week. Instead, I'll just have you guys pop over to Kelly's Korner because I made a little guest appearance on her blog today! Kelly does a Friday Fellowship Q&A every Friday and I love reading all of her guests and getting to hear their stories and about their life. This Friday I'm on there so go and check it out!!
Y'all have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week!


  1. Found you on Kelly's blog. Very blessed I did.

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks for reading!! 💗