Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Happy Friday you guys. I hope you have fun weekend plans. We're staying in town for our Easter weekend. Our neighborhood is having an egg hunt tomorrow morning (Campbell will officially participate in 4 Easter egg hunts by the time this week is over), then Bentonville Farmers Market kicks off tomorrow so we will definitely be hitting that up, and maybe we'll come up with something fun to do on Saturday night. Of course we have church on Sunday and I'm hosting Easter lunch at my house so I've got some baking and cooking and grocery shopping to do this weekend. I thought I'd share three little things that are making me happy this week.
 Still working on my containers for my back porch but picked up these flowers earlier in the week to put in a pot together. Aren't the dahlia's gorgeous? I don't remember ever having them before, even though I've always loved them, so I'm excited to plant them this year. I get most of my flowers from my local nursery because I love to support local businesses. However, I always have to pop in Walmart and check out their garden center because they have so many different types of flowers that a lot of other places don't have. There's your flower tip of the day!
 My current favorite shoes. The heel looks high but they're easy to walk and stand in. I love the big bow on the top and the neutral color goes with everything. You can get them HERE. The rug is from Target. Isn't it cute?!
These two are ready for our Friday tradition--Chick Fil A Friday! Bennett just now woke up from his morning nap--finally. He was asleep for almost 2.5 hours! He must be growing!! Works for me though because I got a ton of stuff done around the house this morning. Ready to reward myself with a large iced tea.

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