Friday, April 21, 2017

Red Maxi

So, funny story. We had a garage sale a few Saturday's ago and since I haven't worn this skirt maybe, ever (whoops!) I decided to throw it in the sale. A lot of my clothes got snatched up but this skirt was one of the few items remaining. Since I was too lazy to box things up and take them to be donated, I just decided to give it another in later that evening. Ha! We had a birthday party to go to then had dinner with friends after and I got so many compliments on this outfit. I snapped a few pics and decided to share this look. Unfortunately this skirt is a few years old so I couldn't find a link to it but I got it at Forever 21 for like, $9. They usually have great maxi skirts and I think they're perfect to wear in the spring so if you're on the hunt, check out Forever 21. Simply pair it with a little tee and you're good to go!

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