Monday, April 24, 2017

iPhone Photo Editing

Today I thought I'd share with you guys some quick and easy ways to edit your iPhone photos to make them look nicer. For so many of us, Instagram is our little scrapbook where we store our photo memories and even go as far as to make books out of our Instagram photos using sources like Chat Books, etc. Since these images are special, we may as well make them look as nice as we can! You don't have to have a nice camera to have nice photos. Plenty of Instagram users that have thousands of followers use iPhone photography for their entire feed. So much about what makes a photo look great is the way you edit it. I'm no expert but I know a thing or two so I thought I'd share some tips and tricks with you guys on editing your phone photos.
The first thing you want to do is get a photo editing app on your phone. I use Snapseed but there are plenty of other great apps. I never use the Instagram filters simply because I like for my photos to have a clean and natural look but that's just a personal preference. The editing tools on Instagram make my photos look grainy so I stay away from those as well. Occasionally I'll use the vignette feature to make my edges a little darker if I feel like it needs it but otherwise I don't even mess with the tools. Snapseed has a lot of great editing tools and here's some examples of before and after photos that I've taken with my phone then edited in Snapseed.

I shared this photo on my Instagram last week of me and the boys strolling through downtown Bentonville. It's a cute pic but needed some help. I tuned the image by making the photo brighter. I added some ambiance to make those colors more vibrant which especially helped with the buildings in the back. I added a little bit of warmth then turned up the saturation just a tiny bit so the flowers in the front would really stand out. Finally, I whitened the edges quite a bit by using the vignette feature just to give the photo a softer feeling.
Here's another example. The original photo didn't need much but it did need to be brighter. Almost all photos do. I warmed Campbell up just a tiny bit so he doesn't look so pale then I added a white vignette to soften the edges.

Here's a photo of Bennett in his cute new chair I found at the Flea Market today! I shared this photo on my Instagram tonight because I think he looks so cute and happy! So this photo obviously needed to be a little brighter. Like I said previously, almost all photos do. I turned up the ambiance so the colors in the flowers and his outfit would really pop. I finished the photo by adding a dark vignette around the edges. It's not a huge difference but the after looks so much better than the before.

All of that editing talk may seem a little overwhelming but once you start playing around with it you'll pick it up quickly. These tips are just basics and a great place to start. Snapseed has really cool tutorial videos within the app that you can watch and learn different techniques. They're very short videos and worth watching to learn how to make the most out of your photos! I hope you found this helpful! When it doubt, make your photo just a little bit brighter and it will (probably almost always) automatically look better.


  1. I'll give snapseed a try! I've gotten to where I use snapchat way more than instagram because the filters are better and it's just more fun. Perhaps I'd use the IG more if I had better edited photos...

    1. Definitely give it a try and just play around with it! It will make a big difference in your images!!

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