Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Home Sweet Home

If you've been following my Instagram stories, you know that Scott and I are in the beginning stages of building a house!! This has been a looooong time coming. We thought we would be living in it by now. There were so many setbacks with the development of the neighborhood but now it's time and we are really excited. It's a brand new neighborhood here in Northwest Arkansas and it's finally all developed and ready for builders to start building. A few homes have already started going up and we will start framing ours in just a few short weeks. We started clearing the land last week which officially starts the process so we will get to be in our new home sometime next spring! I plan to share our building process with you all over the next 8 or 9 months. There is a lot to do and honestly, I'm handing the keys to my husband on a lot of it and letting him handle it. This is what he does for a living and sometimes you just need to leave it up to the professionals. But I still have my hand in the majority of it (mostly the fun stuff!) so my life is full of showers and cabinets and backsplash and hardware and floors and all that good stuff right now. Needless to say, I'm on Pinterest a lot. And I have a lot of "meetings" and it's all just a lot of fun and really exciting. I'm SO looking forward to moving but I won't even pretend like I won't bawl my eyes out when we move from our current home because I love it here so much. There are so many memories made here and we absolutely love our neighborhood/neighbors. I'm excited about the new memories we'll make in our future home though and looking forward to sharing the process of getting there with you guys over the next few months!


  1. Wow!!! How exciting! Have fun and best of luck in the process!!

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