Monday, June 26, 2017


Other than our scary night with Bennett, we actually ended up having a nice weekend. My parents drove up on Thursday night (the night we went to the hospital) and got to our house around 12:30 am. My Mom said she just needed to see Bennett with her own eyes and she watched him sleep all night long. She also wanted me to have some help because it's hard to take care of a sick baby. Add a toddler on top of it and that can get exhausting. I was so very appreciative of her help over the weekend. Bennett woke up on Saturday seeming a lot better so we took the opportunity to get out of the house and go to the Farmers Market.
I love going to the Farmers Market but we actually haven't been to very many this summer. I was really hoping they would have peaches because that is my favorite thing to get at the Farmers Market. Thankfully they did have some so I got a bunch of peaches and also tomatoes, my second favorite thing to get at the Farmers Market. Neither were a disappointment at all. So yummy!
After getting our fruits and veggies we had lunch, got ice cream, then popped in my favorite children's boutique and got Bennett a new Jellycat book. Bennett loves Jellycat books--they are his favorites! Campbell still enjoys them too actually but he prefers Little Golden Books the most these days which take a really long time to read when you're used to reading the short little board books!!
Bennett is feeling much better now. He is still wheezing pretty badly. Over the weekend we ended up getting him a Nebulizer so we can do albuterol treatments at home whenever we see the need. He hates it. Poor guy. And Campbell gets so upset watching Bennett get so upset. It's just all around no fun but they do help him so we're pushing through. I managed to get an appointment with an allergy and asthma clinic. It was recommended to me by several people and when I initially called they said they didn't have an opening until mid August. However, they found a spot to squeeze us in this week and I am so thankful. This will be our first step and then we'll just take it from there. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing and I don't even know where to start but this seems like a good way to go. Hopefully we get some answers for our sweet boy soon.

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  1. I wound up with a nebulizer at home. Best thing ever. Saved us from numerous trips to the hospital. Good luck!!