Friday, July 21, 2017


On Tuesday we did something I've been wanting to do for a while and finally had an opportunity to do it--we went blackberry picking!! We picked strawberries earlier this summer and had such a good time. Campbell and Bennett absolutely love blackberries (I do too!) so I figured they would love this even more. I actually enjoyed picking blackberries more than I did the strawberries. It was insanely hot and Campbell ended up crawling into the single stroller with Bennett to catch some shade (hahaha!!) but it was so fun. I've never picked blackberries before and these blackberries are SO yummy. I bet we all ate 2 dozen each once we got home to wash and clean them.
This was the last day to pick blackberries for this particular farm (which is also the same farm that had the strawberries) so I'm glad we were able to catch them before they shut down for the season. The people who operate it are so, so kind. Their farm is amazing and it makes me want to have my own farm!! Ha! Everywhere you looked were rows and rows of fruits and vegetables. They are at all of the Farmers Markets here in Northwest Arkansas and have an insane amount of crop. They had the cutest little stand set up (everything was picturesque) and a lot of them were busy working, getting everything ready for the farmers markets. I asked them if I could purchase some of their other goodies and they said yes. So I came home with this huge quart of blackberries (for only $12!) plus tomatoes, corn and cantaloupe!
Freshly picked fruits and vegetables simply make me happy. We haven't had a chance to indulge in our fresh goods yet but we plan to over the weekend. If they're anything like these blackberries, they will be nothing short of amazing!

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