Thursday, July 20, 2017

School's Out For Summer

Today was the boys last day of MDO for the summer session. We have a month off before we go back for the fall. We had such a good year! Bennett had the sweetest teachers in the world that he loves so much. It felt so nice to be comfortable enough to leave him in their hands because I knew that he loved them and they loved him back! It was truly a great experience and Bennett loves being there which is so great! He apparently LOVES music time and has even made a little friend that he always plays with. I can't believe the year is over and he will no longer be in the baby class. It really flew by!
Campbell also had a wonderful year! He loved his classroom with his friends and teachers. He really grew close to a lot of his friends and made strong friendships with two sweet kiddos especially. He would get in the car and tell me all about his day and was so proud to show me the art he made every day. This year he went from a napper to a non napper and the last few months his lunch box started to seem too small and babyish for his growing, big boy appetite. I've ordered him a new, big boy lunch box to have for the fall school year! He tells me things that I know he picked up in school (because I didn't teach it!) and I'm just so happy that we are a part of this program and that my kids love it as much as I do.
Today was pajama day at school. Campbell got to wear his pajamas (which he loved--he loves his pj's!) and watch a movie and eat popcorn. Not sure life could have gotten better for Campbell today! School, friends, pajamas, movie, popcorn. Check, check, check. I'm glad he ended the year on a good note and I hope next year is just as great for our sweet boys!

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