Thursday, July 13, 2017

Five UnKnowns

Today I thought I'd post five things you may not know about me. I love reading this kind of stuff about other people so hopefully you'll enjoy reading mine!

1.) I sleep with an eye mask. I only do it in the summer when the light coming through my bedroom in the morning is so bright it feels like the sun is right in my backyard. Like, the whole entire sun. It drives me nuts. We have blackout curtains and they are thick, charcoal velvet so you would think they would do the trick but it's still so bright. The problem is we have to leave our bedroom door open so the girls can get in and out while we're sleeping so the light is coming through all of the windows in our house. If we could shut our door our room would be dark but we can't so eye mask it is. Scott asks me if I really can sleep with it on and I really can! I don't notice it at all. I sleep until my alarm goes off vs waking up as soon as the sun starts to rise. It's great!

2.) I take Plexus. I started in the spring after I decided I just couldn't take being exhausted anymore and wanted to try it to see if I would have more energy. Believe the hype people!!! It's amazing. I noticed a difference in how I felt the very. first. day. I do their probiotic and most days I take the pink drink but sometimes I forget. I love the probiotic.

3.) I hate cucumbers. I am not picky when it comes to food but I absolutely cannot stand the taste of cucumbers. Whenever I eat a salad I request them to leave off the cucumbers because I don't even like the way the lettuce tastes where the cucumber was laying on top of it. No cucumbers!!

4.) I am a Friends Expert. I have seen every episode of Friends about 12 million times. I own all of the DVD's and have even watched all of the bonus stuff on the DVD's like bloopers, episodes with the directors/creators commentary, etc. I have a couple of Friends board games and I always win and every time one of those Friends tests is floating around on Facebook, I take it and get a perfect score. I'm not trying to brag but....well, yes I am.

5.) Tuesday is my productive day. I don't plan for it to be like this but Tuesday is usually the day where I'm most productive around my house and I get a lot done. I think it's because it's usually our day where we have nothing to do so I just take advantage of it. I do laundry all day, clean and organize. It's kind of nice to knock it all out in one day so I can take it easy the rest of the week.


  1. This was fun! Hilarious about Friends. I used to love that show!!

  2. How fun! I need an eye mask now! I think Plexus is amazing too! I started it 2 years ago. Thanks for the fun post!

  3. Hey Kara! I take Plexus, too! Beside to Probiotics and Slim, I take BioClense - to get the bad stuff out LOL and Factor - the amazing vitamin! If you're looking for energy, XFactor is your answer!

    1. I probably need to take all of that too! It's so pricey though! 😬💰💰💰 I'm sure it would make me feel amazing and be so worth it. I'm trying to get everyone in my family to hop on board. It's so wonderful!!!

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