Friday, July 14, 2017

Boys of Summer

Are y'all making the most of your summer? I always try to. I used to be a winter kind of girl before I had kids but now I'm all about the warm weather and summertime fun. Being outside is so much more fun than being inside when you have kiddos. We like to eat dinner on our back patio. We grill a lot so while Scott is cooking, we're just chillin in our backyard. The boys (and girls!) love it.
Something new we're doing this year is hanging out in our driveway a lot. Campbell has a lot of toys that he likes to play with and our driveway is the best place to do it. It's fun because neighbors are out and we always chat for a little bit with them. Sometimes we'll go for a "parade" as Campbell calls it, around our neighborhood. Campbell rides his scooter and Bennett rides in the cozy coupe.
Of course we love to go to the pool. It's not as challenging with two as I envisioned it to be. Campbell loves to swim and Bennett enjoys people watching. I can kind of block Bennett in with the pool loungers and create a little space for him to play with toys. He happily hangs out and it feels safer to me blocking him in since he likes to crawl all over the place. I usually just hang out in one of the loungers that's blocking Bennett in while I watch Campbell do his pool tricks. We try to get to the pool two or three times a week. When I was little it seemed like we were always at the pool and I loved it. I created a lot of great memories spending my summer at the pool and I hope my kids do too!
Something we love to do in the summer is go to the Bentonville Farmers Market. It's just something to do and I love snatching up some fresh fruits and vegetables. Walking around the square is just plain ol' fun and we usually grab lunch somewhere while we're there. I didn't grow up with a Farmers Market in my small town so maybe that's why I love it so much as an adult.
Sometimes it feels like we have lazy summer days where we stay inside all day because it's just so darn hot outside. But for the most part, I try to get us outside doing something fun. Usually at night when it's cooled off a little. We have such a great neighborhood full of young families and Campbell almost always has someone to play with whenever we're outdoors whether it's in our driveway, at the park or at the pool. There's a few things I like to try to do every summer that are still on my bucket list. I want to do putt putt golf, take a trip to the slash pad, and have friends over for a BBQ cookout. We've already done a lot of fun things this summer but I want to make a few more memories before it's over!