Monday, July 17, 2017

Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

We kicked our weekend off with our traditional Chick Fil A Friday. We don't eat there every Friday....but most Friday's we do, and I'm not even going to pretend like I don't love it! Bennett got to play in the play area for the very first time and he thought it was pretty cool! Campbell normally climbs all over the area but he stayed right by Bennett's side the entire time.
Another big event in Bennett's life happened over the weekend. We moved him to his convertible car seat. I love the UPPAbaby Mesa so much so I always keep my boys in it as long as possible. But the last few days Bennett had started crying as I was putting him into his car seat so I figured it was time to upgrade him to the big boy car seat. He seems much more content now although we still can't take a car ride without a paci. Not sure when we'll actually be able to do that honestly.
We had a fun Saturday night hanging out with a lot of our friends. We went to our neighbors/friends house and hung out until 7:00 hit and we had to leave because it was time for the boys to get ready for bed. Haha! We used to not meet up with friends until 7:00 and now that's when our evening ends. Babies and toddlers are everywhere now and I think our gatherings are way more fun than they used to be thanks to the presence of our sweet kiddos.
Yesterday we went to church then ate lunch after. Once I got Bennett down for a nap, I went to Walmart to get our food for the week. I love doing that. Getting food for the week. I don't know why but I always have. I guess I like having my refrigerator and pantry stocked and all of my dinners for the week planned out. It makes me feel organized which is a nice feeling, right?
This week is our last week of the MDO summer session. We have a month off before we start back. I'm a little sad that this is Campbell's last week with his teachers and classmates that he's had for almost a year now. He has had a great year and has grown so much. He'll just start talking about something that I know he picked up from school and it just makes me so happy that he's not only having fun but that he is learning too! Next month Campbell will officially start preschool and that just blows my mind! We will be at the same place but it's a different building with a different program. He will have a learning book and seem like such a big boy! It will be a little different for him than it has been the previous years but I think he'll love it. For now we're going to soak up our last week of him being a toddler at school before he turns into a preschooler.


  1. Boys are growing so fast! I always meal plan and create my shopping list on Tuesday evenings to shop on Thursday after work. Been my thing for years as I work around my daughter's dance schedule. I always hated the question "What's for dinner?" It's not allowed to be spoken in my home and thanks to my meal plan on the fridge placed each Sunday night for the week, it doesn't have to be spoken LOL. I'm also very Type A and organized, just how I roll.

    1. I'm sure I'll have to put a menu on the fridge too when the boys get older. I also hate that question but my husband is the only person who asks right now! 😂