Monday, July 31, 2017

Manic Monday

Just another manic Monday. Today was one of those days.....
While I was making the boys lunches, Campbell smashed his finger in one of the kitchen cabinets. It looked terrible and he cried really hard. I felt sorry for him. I was trying to hold and comfort him for as long as I could whilst I had a hangry 14 month old screaming for some lunch. Needless to say, lots of crying. It was one of those overwhelming moments and normally Scott is home around lunchtime but he was in a meeting because of course.
Everyone ate their lunch and all was well for a while before I decided that everyone needed a nap. Bennett was tired, Campbell made himself tired from his finger smashing trauma, and this momma needed some quiet time. I would like to say that I got a lot accomplished during the boys naps but I just sat on my phone and looked on Etsy for over an hour. And it was glorious.
I made spaghetti for dinner tonight which I normally don't like to do because it's so messy but I did it anyway. Campbell insisted on having me watch him suck in every single noodle that he ate and Bennett flipped his entire plate of spaghetti onto the ground. SOS. My second overwhelming moment of the day. See, this is why you have dogs. The girls were like "we're on it!" and licked up every tiny bit of that spaghetti for me.
Scott got home from another meeting in time to give the boys their bath and put them to bed. I threw my running shoes on and hit the pavement in an effort to de-stress. It was just one of those days! Honestly, I don't have them very often. I feel like I'm pretty patient with my kids and have embraced the chaos (for lack of a better word) but today just did me in. It's not even close to my bedtime but I'm hopping in the bed and calling it a day. Hopefully tomorrow goes a little better.

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