Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I thought I'd give a little update on Bennett or "Boo" as everyone in our house refers to him as. I'm not sure if everyone realizes how strong Bennett's nickname is. Boo is all we call him and my Grammy joked that it's going to turn into his real name before we know it. Campbell is the one who started calling him Boo. I have no idea where it came from but he did it really early on. A few weeks ago I was with the boys at Target and when we were checking out the cashier looked at Bennett and said "what's your name?" to which Campbell replied "Boo's name's Bendett, ohhey." (Campbell says Bendett for Bennett and ohhey instead of okay. Never correcting it). It tickled me that he said Boo's name is Bennett. Haha!! But in our family, it is!
Bennett is doing great, currently. He's been on his inhaler for about a month now. We have a follow up appointment with the allergy and asthma doctor in a couple of weeks. Bennett did get a little sick a few weeks ago with his typical wheezing and cough. Unlike the previous times, he didn't throw up (I always feel like he gets chocked on phlegm which is the reason behind the vomiting) and it could have been just a more mild sickness or maybe the inhaler is working. Who knows. I'm really dreading the fall/colder months that are approaching. We had such a rough time this past year and it's giving me PTSD! Hopefully since Bennett will be older he will do better. And hopefully my immune system will be stronger because of this Plexus probiotic I'm taking because if my kids get sick, I always do too. Ugh!!!!
Bennett is still crawling. He is so speedy. He is pulling up on everything and cruising on everything and walking with his walker so fast so I know he's going to be doing it on his own before I know it. I got sad about it today. It's like when they walk, that's it. No more baby. I am in absolutely no rush for him to start walking (he'll be 15 months old on the 9th) however, I really want him to be in a specific classroom for Mothers Day Out but if he's not walking, he won't be. He is currently assigned to the same classroom that Campbell was in when he was Bennett's age and we love the sweet lady who teaches that class. Campbell got so, so attached to her and it's all just familiar and comfortable. I hope so bad that Bennett will start walking soon (we have 3 weeks) just so he can be in that class. I can't control it though so I'm not stressing. We're working on it, like we always do, and if he gets brave enough to do it on his own, great. If not, it wasn't mean to be.
Bennett is still our precious baby boy. He is cutting four teeth right now which has made him just slightly fussy. I mean, I guess that's the reason behind it....that's what parents always blame fussy baby behavior on, right? Ha! He still LOVES dancing to music, playing with toys, and most of all, his big brother. He suddenly decided he hates riding in the car but that's nothing a little Mickey Mouse on the iPad can't fix. He's turning into a picky toddler, he's just started to climb, and today he thought naps were overrated. I love this sweet boy way too much.

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