Thursday, July 6, 2017


It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday. Short week! The boys had Mothers Day Out today and I got so much done. Things that I've needed to do but have put off for weeks. Once I was finished with my to-do list, I had about an hour to just do fun stuff. I went to the mall and walked around. I love that our mall is outdoors. It's so pleasant! I didn't really have much to do so I decided to walk over to Fresh Market to grab some dinner. They had a really yummy 'Little Big Meal' this week so I chose that. Do y'all do those? They are so delicious and usually make two meals for us which makes it an even better deal!
I cut these hydrangeas two weeks ago and they still look just like this. They've lasted so long! I am so spoiled by my hydrangeas and will always have to have some. I love cutting them and enjoying them inside. I walk over to my hydrangea shrubs multiple times a week just to look at them. Ha! I know that sounds silly but I just think they're so beautiful and they make me happy.
Bennett tickled me today. I have a "snack basket" that I keep on the floor of our pantry. While I was getting dinner ready, Bennett crawled to the panty, rummaged through the snack basket, discovered an applesauce and held it out with his arm stretched as far as it could go to let me know he would like for me to open it for him. Stinker. He had the cutest grin on his face and even though his dinner was almost ready, I just couldn't resist. So I guess Bennett knows how to ask for snacks now. I'm in trouble! The amount of applesauce we go through in this house is crazy. Both of my boys are obsessed with applesauce. Our grocery bill has increased significantly since these hungry boys came around. I can only imagine how much food we'll go through when they're teenagers! We're going to have to buy Sam's sized everything!!

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