Sunday, July 9, 2017


We had a fun weekend! Campbell and I spent the majority of our Saturday hanging out at the pool together. Campbell loves to swim, a lot of our friends were there too, and I loved getting some one on one time with my little three year old. On Saturday evening Scott and I treated ourselves to a rare date night!
We did what we almost always do and went to the Bentonville square for dinner. It's just so lovely there! I would love to say that we left dinner with full bellies but that was not the case. Scott and I always share a meal (since most portions are so huge) but our meal was not share size. Like, not even close. So we went to the little ice cream shop next to the Walmart Museum and we each got a large sized ice cream cone. That did the trick.
I had to snap this pic of my boys after church today since they're twins. Everyone has always commented on how Campbell looks just like Scott. When he was a baby I did not see it at all. And I still don't when I look back on photos of baby Campbell. Campbell's baby photos look NOTHING like Scott's baby photos. I always just thought he had his own look. But now it's mind blowing to me how much they favor one another.
We ended our weekend by taking Campbell to see Cars 3. We've been wanting to take him for weeks but have hoped to get a babysitter for Bennett so we could really enjoy it. Today we finally decided to all attempt to go together. Initially we planned on just Scott and Campbell going together but Campbell wanted us all to go so that's what we did. We got the theater, loaded up on popcorn and skittles and grabbed our seats. Campbell was so excited. This was his second time to go to the theater to see a movie (he went to Finding Dory last summer) and he acted like a movie going pro! Bennett did great for about 30 minutes but then he started getting antsy so he and I left so we wouldn't disturb anyone. I knew we wouldn't last long but we lasted longer than I anticipated we would! 
Scott and Campbell stayed for the entire movie though and they had a great time! We didn't make it the whole way through the movie with Campbell last year, which we expected, but I knew he could do it this year. I love going to the movies and I'm so excited to take Campbell to more of them now that I know he can handle going. I'm sad I missed out on Cars but I'm glad Scott and Campbell got some one on one time. When I picked them up Campbell got in the car and said "Daddy took me to the movies mommy!" as if he had completely forgotten that I was there for the beginning of it. Haha!! Sweet boy.

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