Thursday, August 31, 2017

LimeLight Lips

A few months back I posted about LimeLight mascara and how much I loved it. I still absolutely love it. It is my favorite mascara hands down and I've been using it ever since I first tried it. Recently I tried a couple of their different lip products and, once again, I'm in love. This makeup is so good y'all.
In this photo I'm wearing the Signature Lip Gloss in Peace. It's such a beautiful shade and goes with anything I'm wearing. It isn't sticky, goes on smooth and gives your lips such a pretty glow. Is it okay to love the packaging as much as the gloss? The jeweled containers are so pretty and fun! Every girl needs a little sparkle in her day and this lip gloss is sure to make you dazzle!

The Enduring Lip Color is one of LimeLights most raved about products. This gloss is long lasting without drying out your lips. Side note: it smells amazing!!! I used the crème brulee shade and was equal parts amazed at the beautiful shade and the lovely smell! All of the different shades of the enduring lip color are designed to smell like the name. Therefore, mine smelled just like crème brulee. So good.

Finally, I also tried the Perfect Lipstick in prim and proper and I really loved it. It was bold and creamy and made my lips look nice and full. These are among the most popular in the professional world and I definitely felt like my makeup looked more pulled together with this bold, beautiful lipstick.
Enduring Lip Color // Signature Lip Gloss // Perfect Lipstick

If you have yet to hop on board the LimeLight train then you are most definitely missing out on some of the best products on the market. The mascara is so awesome and their lipstick is perfection. The shades are beautiful, it all goes on smooth and creamy and stays on without drying out your lips. It's packaged pretty, smells awesome and is sure to make you feel your best! If you're interested in trying out some of these LimeLight products, simply click HERE and order some!

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