Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

Hey all! I'm back from a long weekend away. We decided to go to Little Rock for Labor Day and we had a great time! Campbell and Bennett have SO much fun at Pops and Gamma's house. It was extra fun this time because cousin Avery was there too. Her parents went to Dallas for the weekend so she hung out with us. It's so fun watching Campbell and Avery together. They even came up with a game, all on their own, where they put one another in jail. I have no idea where or how they came up with that but I'm thinking maybe Sheriff Callie had something to do with it. They kept "arresting" us and putting us in jail and it was so funny. Not to be left out of the fun was baby Bennett. If Campbell and Avery were doing something, he HAD to do it too and insisted on being involved. At one point Avery was playing games on my phone and Campbell was playing games on my mom's phone. Bennett looked up and saw they both had phones and freaked out because he wanted one too. Campbell and Avery were baking cookies so Bennett wanted to bake cookies too. When they were finished, we wanted Campbell and Avery to hold up the sheet pan of their pre-baked cookies and smile for a photo. Bennett saw us taking their picture and freaked out and crawled over there because he wanted in on it too. LOL. So funny. He is such a stinker. Don't anybody try to tell him he's only one year old and don't you dare even think about leaving him out!
We spent our days in the pool and our evenings watching Ozark. My mom and dad haven't watched it and we've been telling them how good it is so we re-watched it with them and they are hooked!
We decided to take off early on Monday so we got home around lunch time and had the day to just chill at our house. We should have done something fun and entertaining for Labor Day but I think we were all worn out from our fun weekend. I ended up going to the grocery store to stock up for the week while the boys chilled at home. I love going to the grocery store by myself. I take my time.
Overall a fun weekend with the little ones. They make everything fun with the cute things they do and the funny things they say. I'm glad all of them got to be together. Another great Labor Day weekend in the books. I hope y'all enjoyed your long weekend as well.

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