Monday, August 14, 2017

Nap Mats

In keeping with the back to school theme, I thought I'd share about the nap mats we use. Campbell won't need a nap mat this year since he'll be in preschool and they don't take naps anymore. He had one for two years though and loved it. We still use it actually. Whenever Campbell does "quiet time" in his bedroom, he loves for me to get the nap mat out so he can lay on it and play games or whatever he likes to spend that time doing. We have used it for much more than just nap time at school and I'm glad we have them and can use them for many different purposes!
When I was first told that Campbell would need a nap mat, I got online and started searching. I decided on this nap mat from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. It has a built in pillow and seemed thick and comfy! Bonus points that it matched Campbell's room since we decorated his room in this RH grey color and he has baskets in his closet with both of these prints! It seemed like a good one so I ordered it and was so pleased with it. Campbell's teachers have commented on how nice it is and Campbell slept perfectly on it! It washes really easily and still looks perfect after two years of use.
Since I've been so happy with Campbell's nap mat, when it came time to order one for Bennett I didn't even bother searching. I got on RH and ordered this one. It came in a few weeks ago and it is so nice. It's the exact same as Campbell's except the pillow has Sherpa fleece fabric and it is SO soft. I have to imagine it will be extremely comfortable to sleep on and I'm sure Bennett will love his nap mat as much as Campbell has loved his!
So if you're in the market for a nap mat, I really can't recommend these enough. I have been so happy with them and like I said earlier, Campbell has used it more at home than he has at school. He likes to lay on it to watch TV in the playroom or for quiet time in his room. I predict the boys may enjoy having slumber parties in the playroom one day and using their nap mats to sleep on! You can shop the Restoration Hardware nap mats HERE.

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