Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall Snack Mix

Something I did last fall for Campbell was make him, what he called, "Fall Snack" and he loved it. I was reminded of it a few days ago and I need to go to the grocery store to grab some items to make Campbell's beloved "Fall Snack." It's simply a mix of different sweet and salty goodies. I mixed it all up and kept it in a huge ziplock bag so that it would stay fresh and we could eat on it for a long time. We all enjoyed it and it was a nice change to the typical snacks we have laying around the house. I'm not saying this is a healthy snack option but it's fall and fall is fun so lets live a little and have some fall snack! It's great to have laying around your house or a fun and festive treat to take to a fall party! Here's some ideas on what you can put in your fall snack mix!
-Yogurt Melts
-Chex Cereal (I like the honey flavor)
-Honeycomb Cereal
-Candy Corn Pumpkins
-Chex Mix
-Candy Corn
-Reeces Pieces
-Teddy Grahams
-Crunch N Munch
-Chex Muddy Buddy
-Chocolate Chips

Last year I mixed goldfish, chex honey cereal, reeces pieces, pretzels, yogurt melts and teddy grahams together and it was a hit! I may try some different combos this year but I know that whatever I choose, it will be devoured and requested so often it will become annoying. Ha! Are there any good fall snack mix ingredients I'm not thinking of? If so, leave it in the comments!

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