Friday, September 29, 2017

Matilda Jane

Today I'm sharing a look from a brand I've never blogged about before -- Matilda Jane! I'm sure most of you have heard about Matilda Jane (especially if you have daughters) but for those of you who haven't, Matilda Jane is a clothing line for girls, tweens and adults. Their style is very whimisical with a lot of textures, patterns and colors.
This top I'm wearing is the 'character top' and I absolutely love it. It's incredibly soft with a mesh overlay that's free-flowing and dreamy. This is the most gorgeous shade of pink and I know the color would look beautiful on anyone. When you find a top that you know you will keep and love for years and years, you know it's a good one. This is that top for me.
The photos don't do the texture and fabric of this top justice. I felt very ballerina-esque while wearing it and even my husband commented on how pretty the top was. They released this top in a different color a few years ago and it was an instant favorite. Matilda Jane fans requested them to bring it back in a different shade so this fall, they finally did. And everyone is raving over it!!
To add this Matilda Jane top to your closet, simply click HERE.

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