Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hot Spinach Dip

I love spinach dip and I wanted to share my favorite spinach dip recipe with you guys today. The recipe came from a friend but the more I made it, the more I put my own little twist on it until I felt like it was perfect! Unlike my other go-to spinach dip recipe which is a cold dip, this one is hot. Warm with a hint of a kick!! It's my fav and an easy one to whip together for a party, have as a side dish, or as a yummy snack to nibble on throughout the week.
What you need:
-8oz cream cheese
-8oz bag of shredded pepper jack cheese
-1 cup of parmesan cheese
-1 pkg of frozen chopped spinach thawed
-2 cans of rotel (I do one hot and one regular)

Add all ingredients together in a sauce pan on your stove top. Mix on medium low until melted together. Serve warm with chips. It's so delicious! I know you'll love it.

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