Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Toddler Boy Clothes | Pants and Shoes

I get asked a lot of questions about my boys clothes. I wrote a post HERE about their wardrobe and where I shop for them. I still shop at the same places but today I wanted to focus on pants and shoes because I know those two things can be a struggle to find. Now that it's fall it's time for jeans. I feel like every mom has the same complaint about pants/jeans. They're too big in the waist and too short in the length. My boys are both average on the weight and height charts but pants are hard. Fear not, I've found some good ones and they actually are long enough. Let's get started.

1.) Boden Rib Waist Pants. Campbell and Bennett both have these pants in green this year and I actually had to size down for the both of them and the length still works perfect. Campbell had these in plaid last year and they were my favorite pants of his. Highly recommend and the rib waist looks very comfortable.
2.) Boden Lined Canvas Pull-on's. I got these for Campbell this year and I absolutely love them. The reviews warned they were for skinny boys so I thought to myself "perfect!" These pants great. Highly recommend.
3.) Zara Basic Chinos. I have found Zara pants in general to be the best fit for both of my boys. Their leggings, trousers, jeans and chinos all fit my boys perfectly. They are true to size and perfect in the waist and long enough in length.
4.) Zara Skinny Colored Jeans. These jeans are super long and fit Campbell in the waist just right. It does have an adjustable waist and I did tighten it but it didn't bunch and look weird like some of the adjustable pants do. I have these in several different colors for Campbell. They are great if you have a really tall, skinny boy. I feel like Campbell could wear these into next fall honestly.
5.) Gap Pull-on Canvas Joggers. I love these joggers. I got them for Campbell and Bennett. I did size down because Gap runs so big in the waist. However, it didn't affect the length for us. I don't think they'll take us into spring because the length is just right, right now. I loved them though so decided to get them even if they won't last as long (possibly) as some of our other pants.
6.) Baby Gap My First Skinny Jeans. These were Campbell's and now they're Bennett's! Gotta love hand-me-downs. These are the best jean that Gap has for a small waist and long length.They fit Bennett just right.

Now let's talk shoes! Shoes are hard, right? I am super particular about the boys shoes. Apparently a lot of y'all are as well. These are what I've gotten for the boys to wear this fall.
1.) Native Kids Chukka Boot. Full disclosure: I've purchased these online but haven't received them yet so I can't get a review but from the photos I like. We love Natives so I'm crossing my fingers these will work because we need an every day, casual navy shoe.
2.) Steve Madden T-Chuka Boot. These are Campbell's "church shoes." I think they are really sharp. They zip on the side which is super nice and Campbell says they're easy to bounce in. So there's that.
3.) Ugg Canoe Suede Sneakers. Obsessed with these shoes y'all!! They have a hook and loop closure so the laces are "fake." I predict these will be Campbell's most worn shoe this fall/winter.
1.) Freshly Picked Oxfords. Freshly Picked released these oxfords a few months ago and they. are. precious. The color is beautiful and I'm in love.
2.) Elephantito Bootie. These shoes are so cute. Bennett hasn't worn them yet since it just got cold 5 minutes ago but I think he'll get a lot of use out of them this winter.
3.) Freshly Picked Moccs. Blue Spruce is my favorite winter color. Campbell actually has these in their Next Steps, the hard sole mocc. I would have linked them but they are SO hard to find these days but I do love them so if any of you come across them, get them! Blue Spruce is a beautiful color that goes with everything.

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