Thursday, November 30, 2017

Toddler Problems

Wow I've really done a good job at delivering some awesome posts this week ;)
Here's the truth. I'm. So. Tired. And I have zero energy. I actually felt drugged all day on Tuesday. Like, pretty sure someone put something in my cappuccino because I was like a walking zombie all day. I crawled in bed shortly before 8:00 and was out cold in less than 15 minutes. I slept like a rock until my kids woke me up on the monitor at 7:10 the next morning. It was glorious.
Bennett is wearing me out right now. He screams his wants all day long. I thought I found a good solution to getting him to stop doing it and it worked for about a week and now he's back at it. This has been going on since a few days before he turned 16 months old and Scott and I both are so, so tired of it. What's so strange is that Bennett is so verbal. He says way more words than Campbell did when he was his age so I don't really understand his need for all the screaming. I've tried several different forms of punishment (timeout, etc) but it just doesn't work for him because he's too young to get it. It's exhausting and makes my life feel so loud and completely non-peaceful. By 4:30 the "witching hour" hits and Bennett's screaming begins to quadruple and I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. Scott and I discussed taking Bennett to a speech therapist to see if they can help us or give some insight as to how we can correct this behavior. I'm just at such a loss because Campbell never did this. My pediatrician said it's very typical behavior for an 18 month old and by the time he turns 2 he won't be doing it anymore. He is always right about everything and I trust his knowledge but I'm not sure I can take 5 more months of this!!!!
Of course I'm writing all of this today when Bennett had an awesome day. Even later this afternoon Scott was like "you're doing so good today, Boo! Let's finish the day out strong!!" Hardly any screaming and he used his words so well. He walked up to me with an applesauce pouch and said "apple!!" and even though he'd already had 3 others within the hour, I wanted to reward him for asking nicely instead of walking to me with an applesauce screaming. When he finished his breakfast this morning he walked to me with his bowl and said "more!" and after we got pj's on tonight, he handed me a book and said "book?!" It's can say the words, dude, so why are you screaming in my face all day? Ugh!
It's really such a bummer because Bennett is so sweet and has such a cute little personality. I enjoy him so, so much when he's not screaming and think he's such a mess and so cute. I just want him to get this screaming phase over with so I can enjoy him more because right now, he's slightly unpleasant to be around. I was in Hobby Lobby earlier this week and he was screaming because he wanted to hold a roll of wrapping paper and a lady looked at me with empathy and said "hang in there!" I mean, you know it's bad when a sweet woman feels the need to give you some encouragement. So thankful for women like that by the way.
I know it's hard to believe all this when you look at that sweet little face but all of it is true. This sweet looking angel screams in my face all the time. SOS.

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