Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Books

Happy December! We kicked off the month by doing one of my favorite Christmas traditions. After lunch, the boys and I went to Barnes and Noble to pick out two new Christmas books--one for each boy! I've been doing this since Campbell's first Christmas and I really love it and look forward to it. The boys love it too and we always end up being there for about an hour looking at all of the books and playing with the train table too.
This year we ended up choosing The Polar Express and Frosty The Snowman. Campbell looked at The Polar Express and said "that book is too big for me." Haha! I assured him it wasn't and that he would love reading it. Campbell was really excited about Frosty The Snowman because he watched the show on TV last week and he absolutely loved it. I was honestly surprised since it's such an old show but he was captivated and has asked several times to watch it since. I guess that's the reason Frosty is a classic! No matter how long ago it was made, children (and adults!) still love it. 
I was planning to get Bennett a 'That's Not My' touch and feel book like the angel one or reindeer or something but they didn't have any. I may have to get him one of those later because he has recently, within the last few months, started to LOVE books, especially touch and feel ones. I know he would love to add another one of those to his collection! I'm glad that both of my boys love books and I'm happy we were able to have another year of our fun Christmas tradition of picking out new Christmas books! Our Christmas book collection is slowly growing and will be quite large before we know it!

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