Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cozy Cable Throw

Hey all! This cold weather has me dragging. If I didn't have kids, I'd spend my days curled up in a blanket, fireplace on, napping to movies like The Holiday and Harry Potter all day long. When I was pregnant with Campbell that's pretty much what I did every day and it was glorious. Ha!
Speaking of blankets, y'all, I have to share with you the best blanket in the world.
When we were at my parents house over the holidays, I kept curling up with this cable knit throw. It may look like a simple cable knit throw on one side but on the other side....
It is covered in the most luxurious, soft, plush faux sheepskin that makes it hands down the most comfortable blanket you will ever snuggle yourself into. I kept going on and on and on to Scott about it and told him I had to go to Pottery Barn and get one like, immediately. I guess he never used the blanket and didn't understand my obsession until I went to Pottery Barn and brought one home. I was curled up in it and told him to come sit by me so he feel how good this blanket is and when he did he immediately said "oh my gosh.....we need more."
Campbell lugged this thing all the way up to the playroom upstairs so apparently he's a big fan too. I ended up getting the one with the pom pom balls on it. My Mom has the one without and they're both the same. I may or may not have spent entirely too much time trying to decide which one and color I wanted. I even called Scott to ask him his opinion. LOL.
So basically what I'm saying is you're missing out on one of the best things in life if you don't have this blanket. I'll link them for those that are interested. They aren't on sale online but I got mine in store for almost half off.
You're welcome.
Pottery Barn Cozy Cable Knit Throw

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