Friday, January 5, 2018

Leather Feather Earrings

Happy Friday folks! This weekend has been long anticipated. Long as in all week long I've been looking forward to it. Ha! It was a little rough jumping back into the normal swing of things after the holiday break, right? I could use a weekend for sure.
Today I wanted to share these earrings with you all that I'm currently obsessing over. These lightweight leather earrings are so fantastic and they go with everything. I love a bold earring but more often than not, they're too heavy and I can't wear them for long. These aren't heavy at all which makes them a go-to for me!
These earrings are hand-made, one of a kind. I wore them in one of my Instagram Stories video earlier this week and had several of you ask where they were from so I wanted to share! I also have a leopard pair that I looove. These are less than $10 so it's definitely worth grabbing yourself a pair or two (or three!). Check out this fun shop and see all of the other awesome designs they offer.

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