Monday, January 15, 2018

Kid Free Weekend

I had a fantastic weekend! My parents took the boys for the weekend so Scott and I got some much needed time to ourselves. I realized a week ago I haven't had any kind of mom break/life break (other than Mothers Day Out) in a year. It quickly depressed me once I realized it. I think time away to refresh and regroup is so important. I was due. My Mom offered to take them and I didn't even hesitate to say yes. We met each other halfway, switched cars so we didn't have to mess with car seats, and went our separate ways. Campbell and Bennett were beyond excited to go to Pops and Gammas house. Scott I and I wondered if they even noticed we weren't there. Haha! Once I got back into town I did a little shopping then Scott and I had date night--dinner and a movie! Say what?!
We tried out a new restaurant at our mall called MidiCi. I know they have several locations but this was the first time I had ever eaten there and we were blown away. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was perfect. This will be a new go-to for us, no doubt. It's perfect for when you want to go to dinner and a movie since it's so close to the movie theater. After dinner we walked to the theater to see All The Money In The World. It was really good!
We slept in the next morning, I went for a run, then we got moving and took care of some errands that are hard to do with kids in tow. We ate lunch, went to the mall and well, just did whatever we wanted to do! It was great. Later that evening we had a nice meal at Ruth's Chris then came home to watch a movie.
We kept talking about how awesome our weekend was. This was our first stay-cation since having two kiddos and we absolutely loved it. I may prefer it over a real vacation which is crazy but true. Our house was so quiet and clean and life just felt easy. It was nice for a few days.
Of course we were excited to squeeze our sweet babies once they got home. I don't think they missed us. They both bawled their eyes out when Pops and Gamma left them with us. LOL. Felt the love for sure. Great weekend. I'd love to have more like them and hopefully not wait an entire year for the next one!

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