Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Puffer Jacket

Last winter we didn't get much of a winter. It would randomly be 70 degrees in February and we played outside in short sleeve shirts. This winter, however, is a whole different story. It is currently in the single digits here and absolutely freezing. We've gotten snow and temps so unbearably cold it's best to just stay inside and never leave the house.
One thing I wanted to purchase this year was a new coat. I have a lot of wool coats and I have my ski coat but I wanted something inbetween. A coat that wasn't as casual as a ski coat but something that would keep me just as warm. Enter, this coat. It is seriously the warmest coat I've ever owned.
I had a ton of layers on when I purchased this and just threw this coat on over it so I could keep on shopping and I was legit sweating. Ha! Turns out when you have this coat on you don't also need a puffer vest, sweater, and long sleeve shirt on under it. Just a shirt will do which is nice because tons of bulky layers can get uncomfortable after a few hours.
This has been my go-to coat since I purchased it. I love it so, so much and know it will keep me warm for years and years to come!!! It also comes in a vest and it's beautiful. I'm going to keep my eye on it to go on sale because I may need to add it to my coat closet as well.
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