Thursday, January 25, 2018

Master Bedroom Plans

Continuing with the interior design series for our future home. Today I wanted to talk about our master bedroom. We aren't doing just a ton of changes to our bedroom. We love our bed and we just got it 3 years ago so there's really no need to update. However, I am ready to change up a few things. When we first chose this bed, we were really into the monochromatic, clean lines look. I loved it at the time but mine and Scott's style has changed a little over the last few years and now we're wanting a cozier feeling with some warmer tones and mixed fabrics/patterns throughout our home.
When talking it through with Marla, we decided to just get some new bedding and a new rug for a fresh look.
I love what Marla chose to update our master. The dark grey is the color of the bed and curtains we currently have (which came from Bassett). We're going to have a duvet made out of the patterned fabric, a quilt made out of the diamond shaped fabric + some pillows in all of the fabrics to throw it all together. I think it's really going to give the space a much cozier, warmer and updated feeling and I'm really pleased with it all. I don't have a photo of the new rug but it's going to be just a simple, cream rug but what is so magical about it is it is the fluffiest, softest rug you have ever known in your life. Like, seriously. My feet are going to be in heaven walking on it. 
Our future bedroom is quite a bit larger than our current bedroom so we need more furniture to fill the space. We are going to put those two grey velvet chairs in our master that are currently in our living room. They are the exact same fabric as our headboard so it will all pull in really nicely together. 
Our new bedroom has a little nook that needs to be filled. We have this beautiful desk in our office now that I absolutely love but was worried we wouldn't have a space for it in our new house. However, Marla suggested simply painting it in a distressed, cream color and putting it in our bedroom. Scott's painter is super talented and can easily do it for us so we are going to put it in our little bedroom nook! I'm really happy we're going to be able to use it in that space and I love the idea of having a desk in our office. It will just be for pretty, not function, but I still love the idea. Scott asked me what I was going to do with it and I was like "I don't know....right letters or something."

So there is our bedroom update! As with everything else, I'm really excited to see it come together. I'm looking forward to the mini update to our space and also to walking on the fluffiest rug ever made. Seriously, so fluffy. 

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